The Beauty Of Learning To Stand Alone

Loneliness can be hard. It makes you think that you’ll be alone forever. Sometimes you get so used to it that you forget that there’s a life waiting …

The Beauty Of Learning To Stand Alone

Born from one family where I am the third born on each side. Raised as an only. I have learned to be alone. I like myself. It’s just convincing others that’s the thing.
If I’m abusive then I’ve been abused in such a way as to not realize it. Who fault is that? Or is it just how it is? Is it that we haven’t adjusted to the affects of all the decisions we all make?
I love company this is true. But I love being alone with myself is true too. Time to reflect and take it all in. Alone with god within. That’s my life within. What’s yours? Is god outside begging to get in or a welcomed family member?
Must god wash her or his feet? To enter our dwellings swept so clean? While our house dwell on dirt and defy the whole need of cleaning? What is clean?
We clean and the children just get it dirty again. We laugh. And then clean again. Suffer the little ones to come unto me. Unclean. What’s that mean? When we are made of dirt? Are we insane? Do we need to learn to be alone with god within so we can really understand what clean means?
Slap a dress on a whore. Why is she called a white again and Again? What does naked mean to you?
Because Adam and Eve knew they were naked and what got in their way was what?
Could they own they wanted to be like god too and did they even realize god was within all along?

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