She doesn’t look like. Me.

She doesn’t look like

Who wears her scares in her sleeves

Fuck her feelings

She feels it all

Every cut

Every touch

Every kiss

Her scares

Called winkles

She’s let’s this scares show

Her flesh resume

She played for keeps

And has woman many men who thought they we lost

She wears her make up to hide what she can’t see

Like you don’t know a mask

She ain’t like me baby. She ain’t like me.

Who you looking for baby?

A copy? Or the original?

You wanna search me like a map?

My babies left you the way.

All over my body.

Search me. Roam my mountains glory.

Lick my lips. Taste.

What do my scares taste like to you?

You looking at the real deal baby

I got the juice

Pumped full


What’s that even mean to you?!

You looking for a pop?

Or you looking for the gun

I’ll shut it all down once you’ve ridden with this rodeo queen

Saddle up

I’ll roam on you baby

I ain’t like her. She ain’t me.

Let me travel and explore the terrain of you baby.

No cages. For either of us needed.

I’ll research your body baby while your alive and let that body talk to me


She don’t be like me baby.

She don’t look like me

I wear my scares on the outside. I don’t hide.

So baby what you gonna do?

You ready to ride?

On the scared side.

Let’s fly by night

Wish we may and we might

Get this shit right.

No time to fight

Exploring each other’s bodies.

Searching for the signs

Shopping sprees on you. On me.

We grind. Our grind. We grind

And it’s fine. You so fine. Baby. Your so fine.

Naked in my bed.

My hair on your head.

She don’t look like me all Made up to appear like the woman within me but you know better.

She’s a made up faking.

Spending time and money coverup her own beauty.

She don’t see what you need is raw and magic

Roaming your body while you roam hers.

What is the world doing baby?

I know your looking for me

I can feel it.

Is it me? Hell I don’t know anymore?

Or do I? Is that you doubting me being here?

I am here.

And she don’t look like me. Keep it moving baby

Find me.

Come let’s take care of the house

So I can deal

To play the game of my life with you.

Poker face baby wants to play.

She’s ain’t like me. So leave.

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