I have shredded the story’s. Yes. Good news!!

They needed shredding and new perspective. Government is now pharaoh. Coronas the new plague. Duh? Round and round and we don’t live on a time line that’s straight we are dna stands wrapped around a time line we placed there like a pole that our planets clings too. How will we reck our progress??

We keep records. Do we think god doesn’t know what’s in them on a collective level? My goodness. How can we be so dumb and not twins or is this place a twin? Trying to bring its twin in to bring balance? Can we conceive?! A multiplication of this planet? Yet we divide all of us into others? Or do we? You tell me what you think about these things I type here? I’d like to know what’s going on. Cuz I see it without being trained not too. I did not go to schools, god trained me why didn’t you ask that? Don’t hate me cuz your dumb? Who better then Mother Earth to teach a child who choose to remember who’s who’s around here.

This place screams Mother. Go outside walk and pick an apple or an orange. She made it for you. Anyone that says different is not going to make it. Cuz they don’t even know what’s what who’s who’s here. If your without? Well maybe talk to Mama now? Maybe you got time all cooped up running from a microbe. 🤣🤣🤣

Who’s the boss now?

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