Covid-19 and O Negative blood request for testing.

I’d like doctors to research the affects if Covid-19 on O negative bloods responses. There must be a way to do that.

We test for response.

We report O is stronger. Do we test if the universal blood is strongest? We make vaccines. Does blood carry the answer is what I am asking?

Seems like a legit question? But we are so defense wired? Can science open up? and allow the body to lead us and not our theory’s of the body?

Seems to me Negative blood types like O are here for a reason? We always come back to O negative and yet can find little about it. Just that it’s wanted by blood banks? I’d like my blood studied more. Seems like it might hold some answers?

This is a message for doctors and scientist from a lay person in the field of their medicines. The power is in the blood. Why not check it’s power out?

#bloodresearch #blood #covid19

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