Ok. Corona reset

Corona. Crown. Queen. What is this supposed virus saying? Clean up! Shit that old shit. Let go. Change. What have I been saying so far? Yeah.

People are literally loosing their shit.

For a good reason we all sit at home facing what seed this has sown while the earth just is allowed to heal and we watch it like a late night show? When we could have just seen she needs rest too instead of mining her all day for her resources instead of just asking for better then this. Change!! Change! Change!! Course now.

We all know it’s Mama. Cuz we all bought toilet paper and hand soaps. Got to get the bathroom ready and new towels. Corona has come to planet earth are we clean? Is it about hands and asses or? Is it about our hearts that have made all this mess we just keep making without a

Change? I guess it does take the potential of loss of life to get our attention? It’s like the Moses angel of death all over but this time it’s a virus. Just killing whoever that’s not covered in the blood? Who’s blood are we using this time cus it’s looks like Mama ain’t playing that scarify a lamb game no more. She’s the one going for the blood sacrifice. She decides who going down for us all this time.

The purge. We’ve eaten and drank it up and now Mama says nice down and we have been lazy laying around while she’s hurting and we just keep taking trees and not planting more. They give us air but we don’t care if they don’t have fruit or nuts they are going down? Oh? Is that right😏 you impregnate me with trash? And call that clean? Your so cute. No. You really like volcanos and bombs don’t all of you? Paint, metal, toxins all smashed down into the earth? Sounds like a very toxic pimple waiting to pop. Is that what we want? Ok. Okay. You are going to get what you want. But let’s pause before we proceed.

Like change is a choice? Growth is change. Get on the change train. It takes a majority to casie the change that’s upon us now and Gods cutting off all the dead weight. Are you dead weight? Am I? Do we know? Hospitals? Do they know? About me? The queen yet? Y’all y’all about who’s your Daddy? What about Mama? Do you even know her at all?

Queen Covid-19, Corona virus, what a name to name a queen? Well? Ok. If that’s how you want me? Ok. Is your options so small? Microbe? So powerful I can wipe y’all out if that’s the kind of Queen I am? Not. But you will respect me and wash your hands and wipe that as for me. That’s clear. I’m so touched. You haven’t forgotten me have you? But you haven’t been washing those hands like I lead your Mama to train you to do did ya? Children. So cute.

See. I can be outside and inside. I am all damn this insanity. Do you know this mammy?

You don’t want this visit? Your scared of me coming to call to check on you all living our nest life? You want me to leave you alone? You don’t want me to bless you with my presence? Presents? Why? Am I ugly? You won’t kiss the hag? So Maleficent of me. Who’s with me?!for when I reach your door it better be open and covered in your own blood. I’m coming for your hearts this time. So open wide that door and let me in for the blessing I bring is beyond the wildest dreams of all. And it’s good. Calm down.

Unless? You’ve not cleaned up for this queen then get to work? Because I am coming no matter how. Clean that heart up child Mamas coming to town. Purge the heart space and watch the rest transform.

Make room for me to sit on that throne. Jesus has the wheel and your the car and Mama always rides in style. Oh. And all that past? We just gonna let that go and take a ride to the promised land like I lead all the Mamas to teach you to do. Go back. Daddy ain’t nothing without Mama.

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