Goals and directions.

Mamas learning about cooking these days. How the ingredients matter if you want that successful yummy yummy on the table.

And the direction for this recipe ain’t like

Nothing she’s seen. You want me to bake it first and then whip it up? What?

More salt? No sugar at all? Fruit? Raw? What?

While her chef girls calls out the orders on the line and she in the weeds now. No worries. I came prepared. I’ve got a team for this recipe you’ll just love they call them children. All trained. Culinary specialist of their own. I had a lot to work with and just threw the kitchen sink at them. When you wash the dishes? You know what meals are good and delicious. No scraps. Each one of them did dishes. They may not have seen the lesson backward started with a plate returned and seeing what left. Do they know what good or what? Yes.

And I’ve not left them out here at all so they could watch Mama cook it all up again and again to see what’s left on the plates of this blog. They can come and eat what I cook up and change their own directions to the recipe they see beyond me. Mamas can get you only so far.

Chelsie’s cooking up her recipe for life. She’s praying the ingredients in. And best believe she’s not leaving me out of her mixing. She’s my friend and daughter. Cuz I don’t play like other Mamas and stay the same. My labor changes. But friend is my base. A friend would slap you if you needed it. She slapped me without even laying a hand on me

Bravo. She learned while I tried. She’s watching me clean up to make room for her again. Cuz she’s grown up and we need way more room for her now. I can’t wait to see her and me all mixed up with her dad. Looking at me again with those blue eyes. Those ocean eyes.


This is a winding road getting yourself all together. For better. Thank you corona for coming to see me and getting me read ahead of schedule. 💋💯

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