What’s a vaccination?

What’s a vacccination?

If not the words that keep us safe in the brain.

When you’ve read the truth.

When you have memorized the truth.

What can a lie do?

When you’ve nourished yourself with Gods word? Anything other then love just bounces off.

The truth, rehearsed, is a shield, is a boundary that lies just can’t penetrate.

Does my Mama know the truth? Is she protected?

You are damn right she knows the truth.

She also know I’ve got the truth.

And my old truth? It’s just sliding down her shielded brain and y’all? Be watching me show folks what it looks like to be a Christian.

While I roam around and and act like the devil and show people what grounded in gods word looks like.

She’s memorized gods words. So we are both protected from the past.

As the layers of this onion are peeled off by god. Layers are the experiences that have molded me. What’s under the layers of experiences is my wisdom, wrapped up in the words of truth paper I plastered all over the inside of my brain for times like this.

Well? I’m ahead of it. And right on time for my time line. Ahead of schedule as usual. Thank you gods words. Alive. Inside me. I’m no zombie. Why? Cuz Jesus is at the wheel inside my head, body, and spirit driving me through the shadows of death in your mind

While I ride on the best ride here, in gods hands. Who’s hands are the cleanest? Gods hands. And if no one can pluck me from them then what’s your issue?

Didn’t take the time to listen and read gods word and now all that lining them walls in your mind is fear. That’s on you. I prepared. Who lead me? God. Through my Mamas actions. Just cuz my Mama wasn’t around? Doesn’t mean her actions after I left stayed there same. Nope. She dove into the words. And got a hold of me there.

She loaded the word into her DNA and fed it to me and my sisters. I ate it up. Read it up. Sucked it up. Plastered it inside my mind and over my ears. Armor of God plastered all over my being. That’s what Mama did for me. She slapped the book at me. In me. Over me. All of it. She was promoted to helicopter Mother before we even coined the word. She’s my wing man. Now she knows who hers was. She thought it was Barbara Marie? But it was me and god joining her forces. 🤣🤣🤣 Barbara Marie? She was our conduit if Mama will think back? Who had who’s brain Mama?

Bars are Marie helped you when I needed your brain. She covered you for me Mama. Those were the days I drained on you like crazy. Those were the days you took the hit for me in the brain space so I could get through whatever I was going through and needed my Mama to help me. Of course no one could see this going on but me?

Could I as a child so meek and mild dare to ask god such a thing? Damn right I asked for Mama? Did I get her? Yep. In my mind. Mama in another place and all check out while her friend helps her. She went through the motions of a day. Her body complied. Her spirit and mind? On those days her brain was with me. Fact.

Go head Mama tell yourself the tale until I get home and then I’ll set you straight about who’s what and what’s what about you. 🤣🤣🤣

Gotta love your kids. Always breaking shit that don’t matter. At least I clean up the mess. While my Mama rest that mind and me and Jesus drive that shit off her edge. Sweep. Sweep. Away. Away. Baby girls knows the story for reals. Sit down. Let me break down to ya. I’ve been around you all along while I point out our points of interest. I got this Mama.

God knows the plans god had for us Mama. And god shows me beyond what you could see without the lens of me. I’m a reflection of your past transformed into your future and it ain’t what you thought you thought was going on with me and you. Coronas back me up up now.

It’s my blood mixed with Nessus blood over your door now Mama. No one told me I could mix my blood sacrifices with Jesus. So I paid twice as much as other. I’m not hanging on Jesus hanging on a cross. I’m taking him down and out his skins on. Walking in Christ literally. Wearing his cloak I travel watching and seeing what the world thinks they know about their own Mamas. So cute. Y’all don’t even have a clue.

I vaccinated myself with the words and the red ones saturated me deeply and got into my blood stream and Jesus is at my wheel. Your scared cuz you ain’t seen Jesus for years mama. Xox.

If I’m coming home? I’m being Jesus with me. Trust that. While corona cleans up the worlds ideas about you. Sit on that throne and poop all the lies out and get clean Mama. And you too reading this. If you don’t love your a Mama as much as me repent. cuz your a mother hater. I’m a mother lover who tells the truth so we can get free and get more better.

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