Self quarantine

Who’s god now? A dog or are we the dogs now?

I hope you’ve been nice to animals like me? Cuz gods being good to me right now while I sit in my a head of schedule quarantine.

Like oh? Ok lord. Sit down? Yes. Watch? Ok I’ll watch. Wow! What’s show lord. Thank you for your protection and making sure I had a front row seat to your karma show. 💋

I’m a garage with animal like an ark. Gods so funny right now while I see it all fits together for me. Am I worried? I’m prayed up and ready. I’ve got the fuel loaded waiting on my husband people.

Or wife? You pick. Corona is god dressed up in a virus suit. She may take me. Cuz I might be done with all y’all. Karma for me is an upgrade I welcome. Karma is my ruling planet bitches. If I don’t know how to stay on the right side of her I am a dumb ass. She’s my Mama now.

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