I’m just gonna throw this out there.

Blood. Mine is o-negative. And I predict that blood is the cure all but we waste it. Mines the universal

Blood that will kill even my child. My

Blood without help kills my replications. Stop right here and take that shit in. That’s some god damned blood I’ll say. But when transferred won’t do the same, but carries the antidote for the universal good. Damn? That’s fucking cool?

Imagine if we put that blood type together and combine all o negative forces? my blood drips shoe dead including children and my own reproductions. Wow.

I had a lot of childhood diseases that came to visit me while I was growing. I was dictated by a man that did not know my own Mama? Or did he? Who knows. We never know? He could have had Mamas number for all I know? Like a life line that’s not visible? Weird life of mine. Missing pieces people don’t thinks missing in me? So weird.

Why we don’t do like the Indian tribes do? I’ll never know? Cut my hand and you yours and let’s do a blood transfer to insure we all are vaccinated as children of earth and not our own. Who’s blood? If not the dirts blood? Bright. Bold. Flashy. Cuz we don’t pay attention to the dirt do we? Muddy. Ugly. Dirty. Nasty we call our Mama earth. Or is she calling herself dirty and we ain’t even grown up enough to realize dirt it sexy? Or should I say own our love for sex and ask ourselves what’s all this about? Really

All of us made from dirty. 90% bacteria. 98% water? Add it up. Where do we go? To dirt. Back to dirt who’s in charge did we come here to fear? While Mama earth recycles who’s idea is that if not hers? If not all hers. My blood. Hers. To use for all man kind.

And I’ve not looked it up yet I’m calling it before I even see the proof what I say it real. I’m calling it. Claim it. Something in my blood type helps us all

I also wonder if Mama was sick carrying me? What is her blood type? Was she type negative o too? Did I war with her body and win? did I make her feel sick? My blood type tells me if I can kill my children I could kill her and if she’s negative too? She, her blood could snuff me out. A bodily abortion gone wrong cus I was strong and the dna combinations could not be killed. Wow?

I will look all this up and report my findings. I’ve check before but did not find anything on the reaction of a Mama who’s child is born o negative? Without the knowledge of knowing a blood type could be so strong to attack its own Mama Host body, and knowing a shot can stop that and settle us both down is a darn good reason for my Mama to be scared of me.

Cuz my bloods made from hers but I’ve got all the keys to any doors she’s got. Of course all my speculations at this moment on your mind possibly. I like to say the crazy ideas that come to my brain out loudcuz we just never know how god brings it into the world? Or do we? Was it all spoken? Or was it? What is real?

I’ll post later what I find about real and o negative blood. Going back can be so fascinating once the emotions are all arrested and fed and calmly sleeping in your Mamas mind and she can freaking focus. Like that post leave me alone. She’s had questions too. hopefully Victoria’s cooking popcorn and making gin and tonics reading this shit to her around a god damn fire will the grandkids rub her fucking amazing feet!! Hello! Dumb asses. God damn that behavior! I came from an OG! She paid her god damned dues fuckers. Sit the fuck down. And shit the fuck up. It’s La la la la la la la la Linda’s girl talk now.

I’m that girl? Who talks while she fights and shut those bitch up without even on swing. If I let you take me? It’s to show everyone about you. I can take the heat. Earth signs are like that you know? 🥰 ask myself sisters. 🤣🤣🤣 we take the heat but will burn ya if you touch us while we are hot under the collar! Ouch! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you take a rock and throw her into a fire sign? You pop out a hot rock! I hear myself up or cool it down as needed. If you feel the heat? Then I’m a heat seeking missile on your ass. I just do it. All over it where god shows me the need through my own heat Shields.

Sounds crazy cuz I’ve never really thought about talking about my abilities like this. But for Mama I am publicly to assure her of the true fullness of my words. The whole story all the crazy and no edit. Most stores leave out parts and paint a half picture of their life like a hole in the fabric air brushed. This is a raw lens. Should I be honest or what? She’s my Mama? What’s would you do and don’t tell me pay attention to your own response. This is what I do. You do you boo or maybe try to be more like me? It’s no fun being a honest person in the world who’s Mama is all blocked up and no one even wants to help me with her and yet they want me to help them? is that right or what? Hello now it ain’t right.

I wonder what Mamas Blood type is? I’ll just look up a blanket google and then refine it and see what I pick up. I love this cuz gods giving me Intell. I’m looking it up. Testing god. And finding what my mind thought it saw? Telling you. Posting it later. Like knowledge hunters? Here me and Mama go on safari. For knowledge. Knowing we safe inside Corona Bubble and my blood to insure all our safety.

But we will see won’t we? I hear all the doubters and have my whole life while they boldly tell me I don’t even know what I am talking about. And then see their faces when they realize? I was right? All along? And I wanted them? But they didn’t listen to me? I’m Karmas girl Charma. your lucky. I know her. I’ve watched karma get delivered my whole life.

Later. Any challenges?

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