Who raised you? Who’s your mother?

Questions that for an adopted child get answered. But folks don’t get what you mean. I waited a long time to show folks who I came from all out together. I grew up feeling a puzzle piece that did not fit in where I was placed. Which was accurate when you take into account the woman no one could see who made me, her DNA active in me watching all of you and how you treated me.

Who raised you. I’m Be, Linda’s and Jeans girl. What? I only see one on your form? I’d say, “ yeahs but did you look at me? My firm is not like hers? We don’t look the same? So who you look at is Linda being raised by Jean that’s who I Be. Just a spirit thrown into some woman’s body she did not think she wanted? Raised all crazy in the 60’s? Sent back so she, the invisible woman no ones seen in me, could see what happens to her when she does this to me. So y’all can see my secret love that ain’t no secret it’s in my name. Linda. Right there between Be and Jean tucked in safe between us we kept her secret. Her secret grew up.

Went home to show Linda her own secrets alive and kicking in me. not even a stranger could change her she just needed a new situations to make her like me and the love of a stranger to trainer how to love. Mama Jean don’t believe me that she’s true cuz Mama won’t show herself on the outside of me. Mama jeans never got a chance to really verify, Linda’s in me loving her crazy ass like Mama Jeans loving her back, all through me.

So funny. I’m here. Do they even need me after all? Two woman in need. I showed up got caught in the love affair between two woman who didn’t want what they had. One woman was free to leave and the other one took the baby so she could. There’s so many more angles then tragedy. But I’ll beat the drum? If that what you want? Or do we want a better story then the world gave me to yell? Maybe? Maybe?!

I could leave anytime I want. All I got do is pick up the pink phone. And I’ll be gone. I wonder if that’s what needed for y’all to see? Well I called. Well see if corona 19 picks me up to leave y’all holding this bag you think is mine. I don’t wanna leave? But I’m

Or Gonna live here with disrespect. you don’t know what I know and you never asked me. So selfish. I asked you. Did you tell me? No. I told you anyway. In not holding this so you can feel comfort from your own assessment of who you think I am. God will just take me home. I’ve been calling home. If it’s not Mamas then I’m done cuz Jean got what she wanted. She’s done. She’s like her story of me more then even me and Linda now since she’s never seen what I told her as the truth when I walk in looking 80+ years old and scare the shit out of Mama Jean. 🤣 mama can do that. Cuz I am a copy cat of the best Mama. Who put up with her playing with me like a doll and not even know what she was doing Mama lead me and kept me alive. Not Jean.

My life line was my Mamas prayers. Mama jean need to see who the ordinal is so she can shit her pants laughing as she realizes she was fight Mama the whole time trying to tell her about me. With her prayers. Mama slapped all she had on the table and gave it to god for me. folks don’t see that cuz mamas not verified it yet. But she will. I’m giving her the courage to speak acting all crazy to show her no one. No one will touch her now while she tell her crazy truths. Preverified from her girl who’s always on the inside of her Mama heart. As I call it like it before you even see it. So god. To announce a queen in such a way to the other queen.

Once Mama Jeans see her it’s all done. She will see Linda’s in me and style this argument once and for all. Mama jeans telling me to prove it and Mamas gonna show Mama Jean the proof in my pudding is Linda Marie. As I live and breath.

Whatever. She’s there. Look at us. That’s my Mama. She’s real. I proved it and found her with gods help. Look at this chins. Eyes. Brows. Smiles.

Tell me to forget her? You. Cuz I can’t and don’t even want too. You see her face? That’s love. That’s a genuine smile. She’s happy seeing me. I drove to take this pic with her. I went the extra mile to go see my Mama when she didn’t think she’s wasn’t worth it. I proved her wrong and look at her face! She liked it. Even the cheeks.

Mama started me. I’m gonna finish her job. Like all children do. Mama jeans watched me grow and didn’t even see Mama growing up in me. That’s crazy to even? Think? But people do think that adoptive parents do it all and they would do shot without Mama who give. Those mama denver honor and I’ll step up first and pay my honor due to my own Mama. You don’t know me or Mama if you think I’d forget where I came from.

Look at your grandson Mama. Going to college did you even know? Did he ask you for anything? Nope. Your place. Empty. It’s up to you to fill him with your memories not me.

Chin again.

Chin. My sister Victoria with Angela and I. I look like an Eagle here. 🤣🤣🤣 that hair!

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