To withhold is stupid right now.

We fear a virus. So bad we will deny human touch? When human touch is probably the one thing lacking in our cyber worlds? Hello. Jello go feed that brain honey you going so slow. I’m seeing 2020! Are you? I’m telling you so you can focus that gaze and see god working right before our eyes!! I know gods voice do you? If not you better get with it and answer all those calls you been missing.

What’s the research say about touches power? And we think denying it now is best? That’s a virus is more powerful then living touch? Loving touch? Way off right now. Cold. Cold. We are stabbing for red hot here. Touch. Unity. These are key words we all must remember in our members as we all freak out and scatter. What are we scattering from?

Is it not Gods spirit? Dressed up to look like a virus that walks in the secret garden seeking someone to take tea with? Me!! I’m here! I’ve got tea and my place looks like nature. You will feel comfortable with dog hair on your feet Mama Corona. I’d know you anywhere. 19. Nice touch. Your just such a thespian Mama. Yes. Heavy cream and honey. Just like always. Collagen? Your hair? I must keep studying what to do with mine. Yours. Is so amazing. more clay mask? Ok. I’ll do that Mama.

I’ve got some new cookie ideas Mama. Clay and collagen cookies!! And almond flour! Fresh vanilla and cinnamon. Eggs. Butter and sour cream. Glazed with honey and salt. Yum. You always do that to me when you come around. more so then when your visiting others. I’m glad your heat. Don’t pay attentions to what folks say Mama corona 19. I could never believe you a monster Mama? Just a queen labeled Corona 19. Like me. Labels so they can understand you? That’s is funny Mama C 19. Tell me more about what all your seeing these days so I can learn from such a master as thee.

Can I ask you Mama C-19. 🥰 I know who you are and your hear so I might as well ask cuz I am your child. Right? Yeah. That’s right. Bless my Mamas please Mama C19. Show us what a virus can do if we don’t know who’s who about you. Show us what we don’t know so we all can learn what is. Jerk the chains of our DNA to each core. Please. Bless every Mama as she gets up off her knees and accepts your bow of presence sweeping it all up for them now as each one of us watches this earth do what she do for us all day, sitting down, still, the rivers run clean. Why did god tell Moses to leave? Yeah. Same thing. Pharaoh was sick in the head from eating his own shit to long. Time to leave so Mama nature can clean up and on and on we go around and around living on a ball. Time lines crossed over yesterday lines collide. Merge. Grow higher.

Where are we now?’I see. Do you? Promised land saying goodbye by to our own virus’s in the mind. A virus showed us our own hands? And what was in them needed tp and hand cleaners that’s very telling isn’t it? Who the supply? Who can shit it all down with a virus? That’s what I thought. Pay respect to the crown. Now.

#coronavirus #c19 #C19virus.

How viral now? If not god.

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