Just down the road. My daughter wrote about rice straw burning.

Beyond the obvious issues my daughter was reporting living in an environment that burned straw releasing it into the air for our lungs to recycle, is there a better way? Do we see the sign of our own practices of trying to recycle. Sage is a smoke good for the lungs. Is rice straw good for our lungs? Has anyone even asked this and studied the people who do?!

I like how she ended the piece it. I believe it will get better. Nice. End on faith. My daughter was in high school when she wrote this piece. She’s has a very inquisitive mind and I worked hard to point me out of her way. Can you exceed your parents if they don’t help you? Yeah but it’s harder. So I gave her my goods which were not so sweet as where she and her siblings of the planet planned on taking us.

We don’t burn straw so her faith? Was strong. She knew weed figure it out. She teaches me the new languages I long to speak in a world that thinks children are dumb. I came from that world now ask me? Who loves me? If I didn’t spit out three babies who wrapped me up and taught me better. And I won’t deny it or play it down cuz I am just like them but in the sixties I didn’t have me. In 1985. A precious piece of me shot out, was cut out of me. So I could see myself clearly while she grew under me and exceeded me.

I told her what I learned and we threw that away and ate cake while we could. Then we invited a few more to our team party of me and mine. David and Chelsie. That’s makes three with me four. So don’t tell me I can’t help my Mama

Balance? Right there. She wrote. Amazingly. She reminds me of me everyday and that’s not a shame cuz I see her. Like me. Not me. But what a mirror to dress too? Why would I want children? Cuz they are adults. They didn’t believe anything either that was told to me. I needed witnesses to tell me what I was seeing after looking at crazy so long.

Country stops still here. And so is woman’s friend who sprung up miles down the road from where I grew inside my mamas belly. the solutions came close to home years later an answer Mama did not have a choice, proof help came right on her granddaughter pieces page? 🤣🤣🤣 wow. Now that an answered prayer that’s real close to home.


They don’t refer for abortions either. They educate. I wonder? If I would be able to even speak there? How many children’s lives could I change for the better with my story of where this went for me and Mama? What’s? Would Mamas story change? Mama went there. She can tell now what comes to truly be. She’s got my sword now. My words that hold power.

Just like my daughters words here had power. She used it. Talked about it. Supported the change by telling the affect on herself and her school mates and friends. and it’s changed.

You see how close the help was to my Mama? And yet not in her time? She did what was provided. Recommended. Encouraged at the time. And now this place does better by woman.

My Mama needs to see help came not far from where we parted. Hope sprang from her crotch and hope sprang from mine. Thank god.

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