How to tell the truth… 101

Do you know what it like to hold your truth while, you live a lie? Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it? Why would anyone try to hold truth while living a lie? Well? Adoption.

Adoptions like being a living mummy wrapped in gauze called love cuz your Mama burned the hell out of you with her lie. Yeah. Adoptions trying to heal children’s lives by wrapping them in love, but no ones really telling us what’s what, cuz we are mummy’s little mums the word secret.

Plastic surgery. Adoption. Trying to make us into someone else’s child that doesn’t take into account our DNA. So. When I am taking off my gauze after I’ve finally healed? People don’t recognize me cuz I’m now, not the same, someone else is now wrapped within my being who showed the fuck up so I look like a freak. Well this freaks out of her gauze and y’all just need to see the beauty of me once and for all cuz I’m not putting that gauze back on for anyone.

I am healed. But not like you thought it would look or feel. I’ve seen the light. But can you? Maybe the world needs to be wrapped in my gauze now so they can heal too. Maybe my gauze holds a key. For the gauze holds now my DNA fragments within it. My story is my gauze. If it didn’t feel like love you you then you didn’t even ever know what love really was.

My gauze burned me into who I am today. Gagged by the worlds idea Of love. my gauze caused me to transcend my original life into the life that can take all the shit the world threw in me and throw it back in them by telling my story of my truth beyond what the world thought my gauze meant.

Do I hate my Mama? Or does she hate herself? Cuz loves here inside of me for her and no one can even touch that if they don’t have love for their own Mama. If your love for your Mama has not been tested like mine then? Y’all could never. Get what I am saying cuz you ain’t even dug deep enough to find it. Cuz I did.

Who’s blinded now? Not me. I see. A lot of things. I have said. A lot of things. And what you believe is yours nor mine. And all I did was say it out loud so you, could see what you yourself believe. So. Look at that now and don’t blame it on me cuz all I did was call it out. You owned it. Not me. And that is the turning point of change when you see I linked you to your own truth by using mine. And in so doing turned the light on for us all.

Peeling an onion can make you cry. But onions are amazing once you put them in soup and are fried. Cuz the skins a protective layer to keep the onion alive until you do eat one. We cut it off and throw it away. We cut and we cry. We then add it to soup or salad. We fry it up and eat it with ranch dressing. Onions are very versatile and yummy. Just like me when you finally realize my skin was placed there by two woman to protect me for the perfect recipe one day. And this is one day people and my recipes gonna make my Mamas cry while I peel my skin off and chop myself up to serve to the world.

Cuz my Mamas together protected this cure all onion of truth. And they got served first as per protocol would dictate. My Mama got the cure first while you got to read about it here, they eat this onion and gain strength knowing, I saw it, I heard it, and I still love them both.

Can you say that?

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