Heart issues.

Heart specialists who have heart issues can’t lead anyone to better heart health if they themselves don’t know what true heart health is. Say that ten times please.

The heart is a manifestation of what? A pumper of blood. A machine within a machine that’s set to beat its own beat and pump blood to the body. Hello. What is a blood thinner? What thins the blood naturally? When the heart is clogged, whats helps? Drugs? Trying to be the help? Distillates Of something natural? Now incomplete compounds due to what? Tampering and ignorance of the machine, (body). Trying to find a cure? And denying that cure? Denying the power of earth and all she helps us stand for while we stand on her looking like lunatics. Wake up.

Coronas talking to your heart of hearts baby. Knocking on the door saying give me that dirt. While the whole worlds trying to come clean and we ain’t even dirty? What is dirt to you the reader? Well let me tell you what I see. Dirt is Mama. Dirt is truth and grounded and holy. Not to be fucked with. Gods using a microbe to knock on our hearts now. What a hoot! Why hello! Please come in corona”, I say. “ lick my floors please, Ive covered it in my ancestral dirt. Holy Mother God Now named Corona-19. Thanks you for coming this hour. I’ve been praying Holy Spirit you would make yourself seen so everyone will spread the dirt instead of hoarding tissue to flush their shit and deny the garden of life its fuel using a tree? Insanity. We.

Call me crazy I can’t see who calling in me? Mamas calling and it’s not just my own Mama. It’s big mama and she’s calling us all to wake up and take care of her better. Demand it. Because it’s her right too. Why do we deny? Why do we not realize when it’s clean it up time? Slow and going so fast? We need to answer these questions?

Like Corona? Come see me please. Why would I be scared of a virus? When I know who creates all things? Our bodies and minds are getting a fucking overhaul right now. so buckle up kiddies cuz Mama Coronas coming to check to see if your clean? She’s got the mask on and her gloves to check for residues if missed marks unconfessed. Are you that clean? Mama don’t care how much you got? Do you appreciate it? Does it hold a meaning? Ok. Thanks you. Corona knows grateful when she sees an invitation to come to our homes. I’d say? Folks seem to be down on reserves for a visit such as a microbe? Or a virus?

I guess? We got lots of missed marks and a whole lot of shit to shoot with here? On planet earth? What is real? Is that how we see it? Folks acting like we don’t knows who’s coming to town now? It’s 2020? We ain’t cavemen it are we? Who are you? I would say we have been pooped with a pop quiz and folks wasn’t ready for it? Surprise? Who’s really in charge? We? Cardi b. Who’s she singing for? Herself alone? Or us all? Trying to wake up up to take care of us by taking care of our ultimate mother. And to stop being whiners. We are beings that do. We should realize this.

We quote unity until we are blue in that face from our own choke hold trying to wake our laces up from this dream? What’s reality? If not collectively changing before our eyes right now? While the Angel OG of the dead rabbits roams now seeking whom are fools and unprepared to go to teach them? To kill ignorance. In our minds. Once and for all showing us who’s in charge. The planet. We are her loose ends.

As she brushes the virus of ignorance from we her hairs. We scream!! For fear? That Mama wants to kill us and end up killing our selves. now does she want that no! Shhhhh. She says. Peace be still. Hold still. Go home now. Rest. While I do what I do and y’all watch the results and learn. Mama knows what she is going. How many people have died? Ok. Remember that. I’ve been taking folks with flu way more then under the name of Corona 19. Shhhh. Be still while you rest like I’ve always told ya and y’all been running yourselves ragged. Stop. Drop. And roll. What?

The red carpet out. Be ready for queen Coronas coming. Have your shit together and no need to go to the throne? Who’s throne is it you sit on and shit what I grew for you? that’s right. Mama provided that. People that talk to me openly don’t need a throne to sit on to talk to me. They know who’s they are. My house may be disorganized looking to you. But what is real? I know where things go and can trigger any mind that thinks they got it together to see the big picture.

My Mamas house is filled with stuff they say. I’ve said it. That’s stuff? Holds a meaning. What do you think her mind is? A mine of gold I pick with my axe to get too. Mining my Mamas mind for the gold. She gave me to key to get in and I used it. Her back door latch key child comes home always through her back door. But not anymore cuz I’m greeting you from my garage and you see me

Now standing in her door waving you in. 😳🤷‍♀️

How is this? How did you do that? In your mind by using mine. Wandering around gathering Mama all up and showing it to you. Who could do that if I wasn’t already there? Of course I sounded silly? You didn’t see me behind her doors? That’s on you. She’s been laughing a crying all along. Do you think if I feel what I feel for her she hasn’t felt me? She hasn’t felt what you said? Yeah. This is our proof. Get your hearts right bout me and my Mamas. Step it up. Cuz we way ahead of all y’all kept. Xox

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