Art farts. Corona who?

When the world around you is appearing out of your control. Control what you can which is for one thing, using the ability to create something beautiful is my weapon of choice.

The worlds is all locked down. Send each person perspective prayer closet to ponder the bed we all have made and allow Mama Earth a moment to reset and clean things up if we just get out of her way. Does anyone even see what’s what around here? Mama is talking to all of us. Including me. And I’ve been praying attentions to the planet Mother the whole time. Watching her work in me. Trusting sue knows the way. Following her knowings and instructions.

I’ve not appreciated walking a life labeled anything other then a child of god. I know I am not alone. Does god like our labels? Do our labels on God? Hold God back? Or does God? Just keep being God and hoping we figure it out?? Waiting for us to see God everywhere and inside everyone that we labeled. I’m just a human. A daughter of two woman. A mother of three children. A mother to many more who claim me as so. A friend like no other. God did not leave me alone. Ever. Not were any of you alone.

We walk this ground we walk on and yet do we appreciate the ground we walk on? Do we worship the ground we all are made of?

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