What is real?

What I’ve been feeling lately is mamas got some pinned up emotions. It’s got me all jacked up. And I am telling JW ya a coming to me now and not holding it back. If she’s going through something she needs to know I feel it and it is affecting me and my children and the whole unit.

She’s not alone. And we are still connected despite the fact that she told herself we were done. And the fact that she was told that I would even remember her or know her is absurd idea that’s simply must be put to bed once and for all. If I can’t talk sense to Mama then she’s lost all sense.

What’s is real is I care more then she even realizes right now. She’s so triggered it ain’t funny. But I’m trying to lighten the mood. It’s not easy cuz she’s got a lot of crap that needs to be hauled away and cleaned up. Like wow is what I say. Really? Y’all thought that? My goodness. I’m gonna have to teach the world now cuz this is crazy. Y’all don’t get to say how I am or how I reacted for shoulda coulda woulda acted. Y’all don’t know. I know. Ok. Ask me. But you didn’t did ya? No. You did not. You expected me to be like you and I’m just not exactly like you.

Of you don’t like it? Tough. That’s how it is and standing around gapping has got us here. Doesn’t lay family even know how to relate? Lol wow is what I say. Wow. Wow. Wow.

What is real?

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