Random quotes and facts. Have a great day. let’s hug. In our minds.

Oh. Remember the days when we could touch each other and linger in each other’s presence and not seem to get enough? Now we sit in quarantine. Where did we go left when we should have gone right? So many detours. So many roads that must be rerouted now that we know where this road went.

While the world is now feeling like I’ve always felt. Maybe I’ll get some respect around here. I’ve been quarantined for 57 years. By my Mom. Maybe I’m a virus? Now that’s a thought? 🤣😩

Maybe I’m an alien? And I came here to study what it is to be human?!limited by a body. Unaware you’re a spirit riding in a body and what that really looks like. And watching how we all are connected and how some folks don’t realize that yet and have no idea about their own affect and how to use it. Lots of people just flail about living life recklessly. We see that today. people obviously don’t keep enough tp and hand sanitizer for sure. We see that. But what else do we run low on and don’t keep stocked up on?

Telepathy. Connectivity. Moses. Was connected to his higher power. And his Higher Power has to help him. Adapt. To mental. Physically and spiritually change. He had to fight for his rights and the rights of his people that did not even know how to fight at the time when he was born. He. A Jew. An Israelite. Was granted privilege to be raised as a princess to teach him how to rule so that he could teach and show his people by example how to allow god to rule themselves.

Surrender looks crazy to the world gone mad chasing dollars and running the body ragged. Surrender to a higher power looks Mad and radical. It looks risky. It looks insane. Therapists don’t even know what surrender is. They are trained to label and medicate people. Bypolar. Schizophrenia. And the list goes on and on while people trapped now by a diagnoses are in rooms in hospitals? Do we even understand? Anything but caging?

Moses. And Jesus and Mary. And Joseph. because he married Crazy Mary who gave birth to gods son back in the day? Would be hospitalized today. To day for talking that kind of shit around here. How do I know? Cuz instead of really listening to what the crazy folks be trying to explain? We cage them and deny ourselves vital information. Language. Like revelations sounds like a whole lot of crazy. Does anyone. Understand that book? In the Bible of bibles? Many try. Many fail.

But think about his folks. Men from back in the days of no television or Star Trek where trying to explain their visions to the future with words of the day. Chariots in the sky? Animals in the sky? I feel like the harlots coming back cuz we ain’t respecting woman like we should. She’s coming back to set us straight and to stop calling any woman a harlot. Like sex is a bad thing? That’s a mess right there. Preachers fall. Why? Cuz their wives ain’t feeding them what they need? Cuz why? Cuz the church has the woman bound with gilt and shame. That’s why. The harlot is who the church is calling in on themselves. They called their own air strike in. You want to see a harlot? God says. I’ll show you a harlot and I’ll change your mind forever. How dare you call my wife a harlot! She bore all of you brats.

Jesus made it out of his body. And now he’s back as a virus. Jesus can be anyone. And when you ask Jesus in and let go of your wheel. Jesus takes over. Surrendering to him is surrendering to change. Constant change or your not surrendered at all are limiting yourself. Do you think my mind holds all this I write here? No. I’m surrendered to my higher self. This is what it looks like for me. If I brother you?!them your probably not surrendered. cuz god will use me to

Push any buttons god needs pushed. I’m surrendered. This game is my life. I plan on allowing gods affect through me to do all i came to allow god to do gods will. Why does my mind need to know everything? It doesn’t when you truly trust god with it all. Do you trust god for what you dream of? We have a pass here. As the world slows down and now has time to reflect. A micro organism for our attention. Tell me that’s not god. You are sick if you don’t see that correlation. Wake up I’d say.

Like sure. Panic is always a great way to handle chaos. We can all learn and thing or two from Mama and me about self soothing these days. We’ve got a few tricks to it. Mama like to sing to sooth. And she likes to rock her babies to sooth. She likes to cook to sooth. And thrift to sooth. She like to tile and do chair rails in the bathroom to sooth. She collects books to sooth. Reads the Bible and prays to sooth and keeps a generous flow of all of the above to sooth her losses. To quiet them.

Why? Because she came to win. You don’t get anywhere not doing self care. You ain’t gonna win if you don’t believe it’s true and for you. Because that what winners do and that why we love them. They know how to sooth themselves. I learned how to sooth all I’ve told you about. It’s you the reader that’s not learned how to sooth yourselves if I trigger you. That means you got the trigger not me. If I know mine and tell you mine. And you get upset? Your oblivious to your loaded gun. And that’s just plain dangerous.

Have we even learned how to do that yet?

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