Mass hysteria defined.

So. What are we hysterical about?

I’d say we have an pandemic epidemic of hysterical people on this planet? And we don’t really need a research team. We are the reach team and the media we’ve gathered and shared has shown us we all are hysterical and some are not laughing and that’s a problem.

Is there a time unto die? Yes. Or no? Is that true? Or is it disease? Or is it both? Does the disease come and take the body? Or are we so dumb we having figured out even how the body works? We ask the brain how the body works. Do we ask the body? Do we even see the body? Why even have one? If we can’t even provide better care for it? Shit. That’s for sure.

If everyone’s gonna die. At some time. Which way is a better way to spend life? In a hospital? Or our living? What is a death sentence? When we all know we have one we are trying to beat and escape? Makes me wonder. I’ve felt like a ghost my whole life, mixed with moments of exposure while performing my likes as orders by my New Mama. She didn’t much like what I had to say or how I said it. So. I adapted to her script for me growing up as best I could. I am strong willed.

It’s very telling how people act in a purposed crisis. I met crisis very young. So watching people who have been shielded from it is quite interesting.

I met internet difficulty at birth. excuse me if I seem cold to you. My wounds are healed. But I do still get fantom pains. Time has weathered me. But when pricked just right. By your own Mama. You will jump. Especially if your rubbing the same places on each other at the same time. Then it gets real weird. You move. She moves. And it is like a mirror. I only notice it because it was denied. It’s like a right so if you don’t get that right then it leaves a space in you empty. So when you finally get it. It’s intense recognizing it all at once. Again. Like a rushing in of emotions and feelings that you simply can’t stop and wouldn’t. Stop.

It’s like being off line and then it coming back in all at once. And it’s scary. But exhilarating at the same time. you feel like your gonna burst and then you don’t. Your heads all jacked up. And it like it just starts to rerouting everything. About everything. Changes once you’ve made contact. But it’s worth it. It’s worth the work.

This will be the great homecoming. 2020. We are coming to our sense about where we live and what our part is all about and a change of mindset for us all. The purge is us cleaning it up around here. mind body and spiritually. Connecting. And dealing with our walls and clubs and exclusivity. And what excluding has caused. The affects of it have reached far a wide and everyone wonders why.

Like why don’t we have towers everywhere? And why must we fight all day? Why can’t we seem to talk in our? Who’s not listening? And who’s being a bully and greedy? Why doesn’t everyone have solar by now? Why do we even frack? Why do we need fossil fuels? And is there a better way? Maybe organically base fuels are better? and why can we just change it already? I’m 57. I asked these questions as a child. No one listened to me.

How come we have to pay for the tv? And lights? Why don’t we build houses with windows in the roof for lighting? I asked these questions? As a child. did my new great family listen to me? No. To busy. I was quite bored growing up. And felt very restricted due to my parents nor getting me at all. If it did not make sense to Mama Jean then I did not need to know. And don’t ask questions. Go read it in the dictionary.

Life lessons from an orphans point of view. As the crow flies by night. Madness. This world. People got all jacked up in the 60’s too. My Mama got so upset she didn’t even show up for work? Crazy times. Make people do some crazy stuff without even really thinking about the consequences. Well? Where we are at the cross road of our collective consequences. In a time our. Hopefully praying and calling home to reconnect and remember what the fuck we are all here for us to win.

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