Guess I’m ahead on corona readiness?

I’ve been in time our cleaning myself up since 2014. I’ve been working on my health and balancing my everything back out to get ready.

If corona means crown? Then I want to be promoted. Beyond a world with anything called a virus. But can we even imagine such a thing after so many years worshiping doctors and taking all the pills? Man made Mammon. Not Manna. Who’s your Daddy now?

I think it’s kind of interesting. While the world is sent to their prayer closets by a virus called corona, me and a Mama, a couple of prayer warriors, talk on the main line. Only difference now is Mama get to see me type out the confirmations. Mamas getting her permission to roam about the cabin right here. From me. From god within her. Back to her in an infinite loop.

My Mama has been beating herself up inside for years. If she said shit when my sisters told her of my presence then she knew, it was true. All of it. Her feelings about me. Praying I’d be ok praying they were right and that her body was wrong. Upset. From unprocessed trauma. I help her now adapted consciously, publicly, honorable, honestly. Promoted. By me. I got rights.

There comes a time when you realize you ain’t a child no more and you got to step into the chair and sit down and claim your places. Tie it together in a very nice bow. And present the whole thing to the world. To dispel shame and any dishonors. To refute all that was said by telling my side. People like to judge. Throw stones. You without sin. Cast the first stone. And if we did? We’d all be dead and that’s just dumb and childish.

How do I relate? I’ll go as low as you go and meet you there until you see, I’m not you and yet I am. And while we are laying on the bathroom floor, now really clean cuz I helped you mop it with my love, a memory. Bleached with love. Cuz I’ve got the right to love my own Mama more then anything. And I used to. And shared my love for her with so many people. And it got me home.

And everything began in the mind. And everything’s changed in the mind. Right here. You read it as it happened and probably didn’t even understand it. But god understand coding better then anything. I let god use me and my brain to show ya how it’s done. Surrender to the higher power. The power. Knows the way.

People follow me. Because I follow god. God knows who knows who god is. God knows who’s not awake yet. I follow that. And it always works out. Are we ready? To stay and clean this all up is the question? Or stay in our rooms and house and pout? Sent to a divine time out. Will we realize? God is within each of us. Will we tend to our temples and Joe run ourselves ragged?

A virus called Jesus. Who wore a crown. Now infects us again. When will we learn to stay clean and connected to the fact that god is within each of us. But this. But that. No. More of yes this and that. More love and care for this place we call home and treat like shit. Fossil fuels before health care my ass. I’ll take care of that. Scare the shit right out all of you and wonder what you will wipe it off with did I not?

Pretty wild. California’s on lock down now.

Arms and legs inside the vehicle. We about to take off while everyones buckled in just like Star Trek.

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