Yeah. There’s happy in here.

But I want happy for every child. I want children’s parents to not be so reckless with their lives as the past was with ours. Seems to me that just to much to ask these days? No one cares until it hits them.

But toilet paper and hand sanitizer won’t clean this mess up. It’s gonna take change. So drink up that green beer peps. Cuz adoptees are coming for Adoption. I’m one of the leaders here. So get used to it.

I’ve waited to long to speak. And I am happy that I can mother myself better now and tell myself it’s safe to speak up and tell my side. Cuz I needed me when I was young. And I am not letting myself down now. Nor the trillions of children who are labeled like me. Your gonna listen. Cuz I had to listen to the world try to define me.

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