Why do people go to counselors.

Cus they are trying to work up the courage and script to tell someone something. And they go talk to a stranger and tell them one side of the story and expect that to help when they could just go work it out with the person them selves.

That’s where society has brought us. Talking to strangers instead of doing what the Bible’s says. Which is working out. Then pray. Then sacrifice to god. Not after. Before. But no. We go to priest. Counselors. Therapists. The list goes on. And we talk to them instead and wonder why it’s don’t get better.

I’ve been telling my family and my daughter to come to talk to me so we can work it out. Can we? Yes. Do we? No. Why? Cuz it’s not cool. It’s not right. It’s, not socially clean. It’s dirty to just work it out until each person understands. It’s way better to pay a stranger for something you could pay yourself to do yourself? Yeah. Way better angle. Pay people to bleed your pain cuz you can’t figure out how to just open up and talk about it.

Words. That’s all. Words that are connected to emotions. And if we feel bad we have had a bad thought about something. I’ve got a few I am telling here and my family. So clean and perky is innocent. They aren’t attached to a thing? cuz evidently they have no emotions? The whole family. Corked up like a bottle. Ready to pop if you shake them for sure. So gentle. Gentle.

My Mama. God get help she says to me. No. I already did that work. I worked out. Now I wanna talk to you. Face to face and heart to heart instead of all this dancing around and calling my sisters to deflect me. She want me to go cry on some more strangers about her. That’s kind of funny right there. Not. Why? Probably because she needs to go rehearse her lines to me like a good girl. I did. Probably because she not gotten help cus she never told anyone and hid me so what counseled even knows about me? Or preacher for that matter? That’s some shit right there.

Who better to talk to then me? I do get her. Who better then the one sent away? Like I don’t know what she needs? She needs me. And I won’t waver on this stand. And it’s not all on me now that I know I have family and sisters to help with this task that I came home to lead. And heal our a mama once and for all. Cuz she cut herself good this time sisters. And she needs me to help tend that wounding she did to herself. She only hurt herself. She blames it on me cus I’m connected to the event that caused the wounding. Adoption told her if I went away it would get all better and now it’s worse cuz I remind her of that pain.

Until we come together like adults and tend to this she will suffer and tell y’all she’s ok. You all should know better. Then to just leave her. And I guess god sent me away to show y’all up? Cuz I came to stay.

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