To heal you must

People must, Alter the inner-sensory landscape of their bodies. It’s about what we believe. It’s about what we have experienced and how it shapes our beliefs. And how beliefs chance when we experienced new things.

We believe the chair will hold us. We saw someone sit. We saw the chair hold them up. Or. We just had some kind of faith that came from some where? And we sat. And we found our faith was right to believe in the chair. We do this all day. Trusting chairs to hold us up. What would we do without that faith? Would the chair disappear? Or is it fundamental?

What’s a chair got to do with your Mama issues? Thanks for asking. My Mama is my chair. I have faith in her ability to hold me up. Even when she is silent and blocked behind a gate peering at me and reading what I say? Is it safe yet? I will see what she prays for today and let you know.

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