Yes. I do know how to stir a pot.

And. I know why you stir a pot. Does my family know why you stir a pot Mama? Can they cook? Or do they burn the stew to the bottom of the pot every time cuz they don’t know how to stir the pot a few times?

And we as a family need some stirring. The stirring of the Holy Spirit. A stirring of the souls. A stirring of the family stewing. Maybe make soup instead of stewing. Maybe stew is just not what we need at all. Maybe salad. Maybe a sandwich will do us all some good. And we leave the stewing to those souls that can’t forgive. Won’t forgive. And we show them stew is not cool.

Stew is for people who can digest things well and need it cooked down to absorb its nutrients. Their guts are in trouble. But for healthy people salad is better then stew. Cuz something did not settle when Mama made this stew we all be cooking in right now and this recipes off. Maybe let’s go out to eat? Let someone else stew the meats. While we celebrate success and family values restored.

So excuse me y’all just wanted to burn the stew. Me too. But that’s just wasteful. Mama don’t like wasteful. And we all know that. I know my stomach ain’t been right since Mama left. And my teeth show it. So do a Mamas and mama jeans. We all got stomach issues and acid mouths. Something didn’t sit right with our digesting all this so well. And something could be done about it. We have other options then staying like this.

So what I called it a spade. A spade is a spade. So what I called it and y’all didn’t even see it at all. Why is it so hard for folks to just change when I came in and changed with no help from y’all? Just snap. Changed location, name, family, everything and y’all can’t find it in your kept hearts to greet me properly? Wow. Something burned up? The stew. That no one stirred but me.

I worked with what Mama gave me. This is what came of it. She should have tattooed instructions on me if she was gonna be so picky when I got done growing up. So yeah. I stirred the damn pot of goop. You eat it. I really am over stew.

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