Why not? Why now? Why ask? Why keep asking? Why ask at all? Why care? Why do I want my Mama to tell me the truth? Why?

Well. Let me say this. Truth is a vibration we all know from birth. That we can remember that vibration. And when my Mama confirms back to me her truth? Well then all the lies told to me will all fall off.

They took me back to my Mama at birth cus I cried. As I stared at her one last time. My truth. My first love. My world before birth. Took it all away.

Your damn right I am triggered! And who do I need? My own Mama to turn off the alarms that have been going off in me since she left. Let me finally hear the truth. Let it wash me clean of the lies like I just washed you with. A return favor for this job of loving you, stamped well done using love and truth to cover sin and set us free of yesterday’s decisions. Now given. New decisions with the added bonus of know what you are signing up for exactly? And what they truly look like when triggered and need a Mama to turn it all off!!

That’s the best cry a grown woman can do. No one likes a sobbing lunatic. Grown ups can’t cry like babies and I’ve not cried since birth? I’ve got to get through to my own Mama. Seems like someone. Anyone. Could see and help me.

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