Was I raised by wolves?

Well? Do you even claim to be a mammal?

So? Who dumb now?

I consider such a question a complement.

Like, “oh? Am I that good?” My wolf lesson are showing their affects on me. Like yoga classes but more carnal in nature.

Am I a wolf? Are you an elephant? In the room of your own creations wonder? How did I get here? Well? Me too honey. Me too. What is this place? All these emotions? and for me. All these people? My Mama seemed to want me to meet?

A lone wolf on loan. Some unicorn wolf. Of two woman’s making? Guided by some old wrinkles up man. Not even realizing the ingredients would cause such a reactions in this subject of this experiment the world calls love. Well this life does not feel like love. But I remember what love feels like and it’s linked to Mama. I know that much for sure.

Wolves? Angels. Demons. Whoever raised me. But it was not my a mama. She ordered this. This is what I got. And she’s got to live with that and move on. Good luck with that without me in the picture. I just do not see it happening like that.

I am her lone wolf.

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