I could do way better. Now.

I could do way better. Now that I know what I didn’t know I was coming home too?!

Adoptions return policy may not be under warranty. But I’ll back myself up. Just cuz adoption didn’t prepare for break downs? Why does that mean I should suffer? Did I ask adoption to do this to me? No. I am pretty sure I cried not too, at my birth. Lol. Little play on words. It’s so serious a subject. I need to lighten my own load since adoption didn’t think about shit when it come to reunion.

So I got to do it myself. Thanks adoption. Your such a great helper. Adoption so great! No one wants to party at all. Hell she doesn’t even know who should be on the guest list or the family list? 🤣🤣 poor thing.

My Mama thought she knew what to do even though she did not prepare for it? Evidently she sent me away not to listen to her and expected me to listen to her once I got home? No. No. No. she. Didn’t listen to me back in 63. If she had i wouldn’t be so obstinate and unyielding to her off course ways.

Adoption creates this niche market for me and adoption obviously didn’t even know it. I get to tell adoption who running the reunion department now, all by myself here. Your fired! you suck at planning. You ducked trying to plan my life that’s for sure. No reunion parties? Well that simple won’t do. I know what my siblings have been through and what they deserve way more then some front end bullshit show. Adoptions not even a good circus show.

They are differently not in it for the animals who perform all day so adoption can survive? While we starve and go to bed with no family to call really our own? If we complain? Well? This is what happened. They teach the Mama to cut us off because the Mamas don’t even know there’s a bridge. They got blinded by adoption light.

Way to go adoption. Your just so thrifty. Leave everyone hanging. And then we go home anyway. Such a great plan and then we get blamed for what kids do naturally all the time. Which is go home. Adoption acts like it’s an all American game. But adoption not any game anyone should play with no home base even respected? It’s more like ring around the rose colored glasses bush if you ask me. Where everyone’s tied to the bush and chases there tails all day. While we the children watch knowing we could make a way better game then this.

If I was a butter creamer gang member. I’d do better then this with this. But I will have to hit it out of the park to even get any attention. Let’s see? What will my homerun be? well! Since there’s no Jaime base as of yet?!ill just go round and round this bush and make fun of it while I light it on fire. Maybe we need a burning bush? Again? I’d throw my table at adoption but they are hiding. It’s will have to be my phone I fear that I throw at adoption and write their last will and testament here.

Adoptions to dumb to play hide and go seek. Adoption can’t see me right now tearing adoption down. Adoption only know hide. Adoption doesn’t know what seek is. Yet. but I’ll give this emperor it’s new groove. Naked and alone. Maybe a good time out will do adoption some good. Maybe if adoption got left out in the cold it would know how we feel.

But then their loyalty. Loyalty to the system. Now that a tough one to crack cuz people are just so loyal. Like sheep kind of? Just following a leader that can’t find its way after going around and around and around. Adoption is such a dizzy blonde now it’s adoption? Reunion? What’s that? Go back to sleep girl. I got this.

First thing we need is to restore home base as I see it. Throw out the tree. Make sure folks know what the bases are and to remember without home we are just running around some bases with no purpose at all, without home base at all?! All these players running around in circles and no joke base to tag for the win? What kind of game is that to play with a child at all I ask you?

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