My Mama has not been clear.

She’s not been clear

She’s not seen clearly.

She’s shown me she’s blocked

She’s been telling me she can’t see beyond where she is.

Massaging her mind of the toxins. Extracting then from the grey that mattered. Clearing the in between times apart. Filling in all the blanks. Crossing those t’s and dotting all the eyes with hearts ❤️ and showing the on lookers that watch me. How a girl does it. How the going homes process after being labeled adopted.

You just tear that label off and pop the can and let them all taste what’s inside. Do I look like a pumpkin to you? Do I look like an adoptee? Or do I look like my Mamas girl? Weeding the garden called our life. Trimming away the over growth. Watering. Raking. Tying up. Tearing down. Digging in. Spreading manure and mulching. Reviving the bulbs once abandoned. And watching them bloom for Mamas eyes to see. Spring sprung while you were asleep having a terrible dream and is now greeting you with a new day bright with possibilities. take it in girl.

The angels took the trash out. And the air smells fresh. Clean. Crisp. And full of life. Death has gone away. Wrong address or something she tried to say. Damn right wrong address! That’s my Mamas house! She’s been claimed by the blood. Washed. Confessed up. Cleansed.

For love has covered the multiplied of sins. For us all. And for my own Mama.

Sometimes I guess you just got to go over the list of offense a few times and keep marking them red to make your Mama see the red covering it all? cuz she just don’t believe it? So silly. But. Whatever you want girl. Check. Check. Check. ✔️

Paid in full. All conditions covered. Ransom received. Child returned.

Prayed in full. All conditions covered. Prayers received. Child returned.

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