Don’t tell me to drop it.

When clearly my Mama ain’t dropped it.

Cuz if we were past this

We would be passed this.

We would not appear stuck.

Although I am not stuck.

I have not blocked.

If my Mama knew how to drop it it would be dropped? That’s what I am working to teach her? How to drop it. She don’t let go easy. And it might feel like letting go of me. Forever. But it’s just switching hands. We let go. And then we hold again differently.

This is that baby. Preparing a Mama for her child’s homecoming. Mine. And I’m 57. So that’s an adjustment now. A lot of time has passed. This is true. So let’s waste not so we can want not. Mamas all blocked up thinking about me. Knowing she wants this. But stuck like chuck. A lot of water has gone under her bridge. And it might get emotional for her? And I’m saying that’s ok. When your ready. I’m willing to support you will you let it all

Hang out Mama. I got your back. It’s a long time a coming. But damn it. Admit it. We made it Mama? We made it back to each other? And God did it. God did it all. What’s to be angry at now?

2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me to drop it.

    • Thank you. I feel it’s like the body gets stuck in an old pattern of energy. It’s like a reboot is needed. All technical. But how else does one describe what it feels like to connect to your own Mama on a new level? So weird explaining all this part of the process. Going home is a process.

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