We are all worried about Corona.

That’s great. Let’s pray in the opposite direction times how many of us are there? Preparing to welcome the virus with hand sanitizers and water and tissue? Hell people be stocking up for this virus’s arrival?

If only people could prepare for babies in such a grand fashion. All over the news. Babies be coming. And hers how they get here. Be prepared and don’t be caught off guard. You might get infected with inception fever. watch out!! Wash out.

Adoption to the rescue! Poor corona virus’s just get hand sanitizer while we virus’s called unwanted pregnancy get to wander about freely infecting all we come into contact with.

I’m concerned about the virus that’s still roaming rampant all over the planet where people remove babies from Mothers by getting them to agree to the new kind of apple coming off the tree. I’m searching and wander for the cure for that because I feel it will also cure the wandering children set free to wander looking always for Mother while the world looks on. Full well knowing that we could just be returned to our proper placements and life would still go on. They could have helped to make it better but got the old fever that said take them from mother that will teach us all a lesson or two.

We are worried about a virus that’s not new. Yet there are many virus’s still that we have no control over. Like what makes Mamas not want their children and why do we thing that’s so cool that we keep doing it? What’s the cure for that I ask? Corona is gonna take who corona takes, what virus took me?

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