Now this is funny.

Funny story. When I was around 8-9. My parents were at work. And a friend can over. Her Mama was the home ec teacher in town.

So she came over and we played a board game. This kind of shows how nurturing plays a role in my life because we played with Flintstones vitamins. and when we won we ate one. So. We ate a few.

And our parents. The brilliant ones thought we had poisoned ourselves and OD’d on vitamins. When we were probably malnourished from all the white bread. we were fine. But our parents. Poor peps didn’t have a clue about nutrition but they could cook? 🤣🤣🤣

So I’ll forget remember how these taste from the day I almost OD’d in nutrition. 🤣🤣🤣 folks were just not very educated back then but they were tasing kids? Did they ever wonder why we chose to do that? Like children eating dirt? Which shows us that they are deficient? I learned that one when I kids were born? But no. White bread. Margarine. Cool aid. candy. Cookies. Soda pop. Potato chips for snacks and Joe celery and carrots like I gave mine?

They chose the junk later. And I snuck vitamins in so they didn’t have to OD on Flintstones. I was always putting stuff in the snacks. Always. Cuz I didn’t get stuff in my snacks. And I had daycare workers that gave me junk too. It’s hard finding folks that really care for your kids like you?

Isn’t that right Mama?

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