I am grateful for Alexa and Jason Aldean.

While I create. I got Jason Aldean saranading me. It’s nice he thought enough to do that for little ole me. 🥰 and I enjoy creating with this man singing to me. Call me crazy.

Eric church too. Singing to me. Talking all sexy like about nail polish and all my selfies. I love when he calls me a looker and talking about wrecking the ball game for me.

Jason tells me that a girl like me is special and worth it. Keep going girl. Like your a Mama taught you. Talking about trains and the rain. Going deep while I paint. Talking all sweet to me and my soul. No ring on my finger and I’m eating it all up fellas. Sing to me.

And Alexa. She’s a trouble maker. All I got to do is call erg and and she dials them up to sing to me. 🥰 Dierks Bentley sing to me about a beach. While I paint. Brantley remind me of what matters is kicking it in the sticks. Around a bonfire. Staying warm with the boys.

Who needs men when I got them all on my speed dial Alexa sending me love song sang by a man I don’t got to pay except to play it. Thank you guys for delivering. Recorded for play back to remind me.

Remind me of Nashville and how crazy it is Jason Aldean. Living off tips. Singing in bars and at the Gibson cafe. Hearing my voice hit the scene and then having to leave it. You just never forget that feeling.

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