Flower power.

Did flower power ever stop.

I came in ahead of flower power the movement.

Here’s a quote.

The cry of ‘Flower Power’ echoes through the land. We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom.”

Abbie Hoffman, Workshop in Nonviolence, May 1967

Steeped in a it war verbiage that should be for peace movement. So that’s a miss quote of the quote. Love wins. No matter the dumb ideas we have. Like war. Which is legalized madness. I’m for peace without violence. And yet came from a violent time. In a world in conflict. I observed.

My Mamas gone? People are starving? Love is somehow bad but some want it and think it’s good? I’d like to be counted with them. The peacers, leading the needle with the thread no one seems to see as it stitches us all back together again. Folks killing in the name of love? And getting there way. Not seeing how dumb that is when we can speak? And work it out to understand what we all need is peace. Of mind.

And we all ain’t done so good at that these days? So my PTSD is active from remember a day when my life felt like this in a world gone mad. Excuse me for getting triggered and let ya see my full

Blown PTSD triggers. I came in when it was like this and we ain’t learning? And teaching fast enough hoarding our gifts we deny each other because we are all connected. All for one and one for all.

Yeah. I do art to calm down these days. Call me crazy for call it. You poked this bear. I am a Mama here now and have earned the right to speak up for better for our futures. If this planet was an Airbnb? How would god feel you appreciated the stay? Look around? If this was your home? And it’s all of ours. Is this how you like living? Rumors of wars? Why are people wanting to kill people? Can we ascertain as to what the mental distress is?

All these so called psychologist around this planet. Claiming all the good they do? And where are they in a crisis? Hoarding their gifts and denying us all. well. Not me. I’m educated. And I want to help folks have their version of the American dream in any country. I feel American if anyone on this block can lead that kind of movement away from fear and not creating more of the same.

Why can’t the news tell us new ways to love and help that works so we all follow that for a change? You know? What you focus on creates more of the same? Have I not shown you that here yet? And I’ve not even shifted a gear yet. While folks think I am the one stuck? Lol. If I stop. There a damn good reason. So when I speak up about it you best listen. Cuz it will be common knowledges real soon. So I am writing down here so folks can see what I mean.

Trends. I see trends. Feel trends.

No one wants to hear or read this story much cuz they fear it’s contagious. Like it rubs off if you know where this goes. But it’s ok me and my siblings go there? That’s so messed up. Either all or none. And why is so hard to do that? Free will getting in the way of progress. Banging around. Not passing info on or giving feedback and leaving people without your unique perspective to bring some clarity to a murky thing.

So many metaphysical, psychics, card readers, preachers,? Jet planes. Hotels. Money. To much for them to go and help folks, our neighbors find peace again. Evidently they lost it if they are wanting to kill for it? I don’t know why folks can’t see what I see? Old ways getting in the way of the news. New. News. Good news. Cuz we really want to see good, so we decided to plant good everywhere and stop fearing our seeds won’t grow. The grass is greener where the grass gets watered.

Africa gets water. And yet packs it when it rains there? And all they need are cisterns. We? Send things to pack it with as if they need more work? Obviously birth control education isn’t that expensive? And why can’t they manufacture? Why does China get it all? We seem to all have issues with relating. But the industry that prides itself on relating well? Well? What are they doing about it I ask? If it all begins in the head then what are they scared of? Wellness? Will wellness put them out of business?

Teachers teach teachers. I learned from Mama and slapped it all together. Teachers are learners that cross train there whole life.

And I feel flower power energy agin these days. Maybe. We can take it all the way and get it right by including everyone on this round? Seems like everyone’s got some hurting going on. It’s always darkest before it dawns on us we can do this and drop waiting for someone else. Like Jesus, and just to hang our selves on our own trees and work together.

These are coming along. Looks cute just like that. But I’ll add some more touches and post. For someone who does such simple art pieces I am complex at thinking. You got to love the full moon. Cleaning my moon out.

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