Being labeled adopted is like

It’s like hanging upside down in a tree. Or actually being an upside down tree that walks around showing her inners to very one, but she’s just rather have someone just turn you her right side up again and planting her feet in the soil of her kin so she can really grow. My roots are dry. And I need my Mamaa tears to water them for me while I tend to the spot I got ripped from so long ago in her. Yeah know? Just tending wounds and loving each other like to wild lovers that each realizes home. Again. Within a friend that used to be a piece of herself in me. Sipping on tea or gin and juice whatever there be to celebrate folks such as we three.

Funny thing is is I used to hang upside down in the front yard tree. My favorite thing to do. With a friend. And laugh at ourselves looking so silly. Knowing all along all would be well when we got down. Our faces would be as before but right side up again. And maybe? I turned myself upside down so Mama could really look at what it’s like being her child called adopted? I look silly huh?!yeah. When can I just come home. I ain’t like you now and take your will and do what I want with you. I’m asking proper. Cuz I wasn’t asked proper according to the law of nature. And human rights law.

Permission to board my own Mamas ship? Please. Thank you. 5304199486

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