Yeah. Trauma.

That’s what the research shows. Adoption causes trauma. Who knew? I mean we all thought it was just such a fun idea? And Moses did get to grow up in the castle and all we wanted was for our children to have better? 😩😭

This isn’t better? Not until the fat lady sings it ain’t better. Cuz we adoptees know better then what ya thought you was doing with our lives and what really went on while you was doing whatever with our lives that we all know wasn’t your right to do to us and make our a Mamas agree too?

Adoption. Seems to think it’s above the law? Or is adoption a judgement? Placed on the children of those who don’t accept gifts? That their children will wander feeling unappreciated, without them until the Mama learns her lesson? I wonder? I wander. What’s it all about? Alphi? Alpha? Omega? What is this all about? Show me it all.

Not just the frosting. And that’s what I got. I got to see it all from all perspectives while growing up observing what this is all about. It’s about many things. And I have felt unappreciated. Used. And thrown away by both my Mamas at one point or another. But. They realize and then come back and pick me up I guess? When they realize they had me all wrong? Right? Left. Whatever direction it was not my good side. I’ll say that.

Or have they been seeing? In me? Their own actions at working? Are they shocked at the accuracy of my animations and the twisting of their ideas all together? Does it perplex them? Probably not they are both hiding. Avoiding the view these days. Probably trying to go back to the time when they did not know all this I speak. But that place is gone. Just like it was gone for me when Mama left. Poof! Gone. Suck it up girl. And drink up drink up and move it on down. Thank you next.

And from all my observations I’ve gleaned a way better way to live then this. Many things will have to change. And sadly. It will take people time to wrap their small brains around it all. But we will overcome this glitch in the mainframe of the collective mental mind. And adoptees all over the planet will do the same. Poof. Gone. As our truths obliterate what was thought to be is in fact not what was thought to be. Poof.

We got the juice now. And y’all need it bad. Cuz adoptions like cancer if we don’t learn this lesson quickly. Tearing up families. Leaving it’s wake. Trauma. Feeling unappreciated. I’m sure my Mamas feel unappreciated right now? Feeling like something failed? Was it ever a success? Is this really the road of faith? Taking children from their parents to far and distant lands with no way back? No. It’s not. Not for us.

We the children are through making your dreams come true. We got some dreams of our own. And way better dreams then this on a dirty planet who’s inhabitance make messes and don’t clean up and find ways to recycle and reuse. Garage floating in our beautiful ocean? What are we doing about it? There q bazillion things we can do. And it does all start with family.

I did not go through all this to have my family still be separated. I did not keep the faith for no reason at all. Above are some hard words. Do I love. Yes I love enough to show where adoptions failing the children adoption says they are helping. Reunion. And why? Cuz we just can’t figure it out and keep saying the same old same old? That’s what keeps us doing the same old same old?

Is my blog a same old same old? The only thing the same here is I y’all about Mamas here. She is the center of the universe called Mother. What am I hammering at? Where am I’m hammering? And why? Do I hammer? At a subject in so many directions? It’s a circular idea. There’s not really a point. So triad isn’t a good name either. So I am hammer those edges inside peoples minds about it to show we are all connected and adoption affects more then me. Try trillions times more then me. That’s. An affect.

I’ve saved the taste of my life as a child so you could taste it too. If you don’t like it then do something about it. Maybe post here some supportive words. Maybe tell my Mama something encouraging? Pray? every day. I rise with a new resolve. Every night I’m drained of that days resolve. I feel broken and unappreciated and unseen by those I care most about. But I rise. Each day to greet the possibility that today they will see me. And not who they thought me was.

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