Welcome to my home.

For someone who lives in a garage. I had such a big axe to bury for good.

So. Was it Ego? Or is it all God? Learning through is what happened when we do things?! To allow nature to take her affect because she took her affect on me being torn from the breast I held twice. And said good bye. Yeah? I never knew what I lost?

This is my studio. Slash. Bed room. She cave shack. And I’ve taken time off from interior decorating as of late. While I poked at a screen to get it all off my chest. My desk. Trying to be quiet in the classroom called life as God speaks to me about everything. Sounds crazy said like that. And it should

Not sound crazy at all. Why is the god concept so hard for people to get? Maybe we need to redefine the god concept a bit?

Could be a scheme from hoarders? 🤣🤣🤣 but I did just move from a 5 bedroom

Home to here? So. It’s a work in progress. Excuse the mess. I’ve been planning many things. Cards. Hopefully some tee shirts. With designs on them. And doing some more videos on YouTube about whatever. Plus selling the pieces on EBay.

I’m excited. I’ll remember coming from here as well as I still remember where I probably came from. It’s ain’t up to Mama where I go. It’s up to her to decide if she’s gonna go my way? Some people are very one way people. My way or the highway? Can’t learn anything new going your own way all day. I learned that from going here.

Adoption. Had an affect on me. And me and my peps should be supported. We gave our lives to people that were not our parents while

Our parents lived on without us. That’s a really weird idea?! and let’s make sure no one does it quite the same way? Let’s deny some everything and give some part of the heritage. Such a weird way to do it? And I’m just not ok with it staying like this for future generations. No.

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