Happy anniversary to Psyche Cafe.

Happy anniversary to recovery. Recovering files that folks filed away thinking I could not recover those files. The key clue? I just never forgot.

Adoption made me loose my kind and my mind. And I recovered from the blow. And this is my story and I’m sticking to it not staying the same. Constant growth and rediscovery of regions denied to me that were once known.

A fresh page. At last I see. Who’s going with me? Cuz the first part was treacherous.

I learned what matters is what matters. And for me it’s Mama. Whether she nice or a bitch. Whether she vibrantly throws me away and I came back each time? It’s our story and she can change it too. Anytime.

Thank you WordPress for this great place for therapy. In my own mind talking at psyche cafe in the sky getting it all off my chest in front of everyone that wants to watch me. Soar. As my freedom of speech wings strong from the weathering fly higher and higher.

Your darn right I stormed about it. That’s my Mama y’all was talking about.

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