What I need to see from my family is

What I need to see from my family is this. And yeah. I need to see this from my own family thank you? This is right where the needs is. My sisters? Think? They don’t need me. They are so disconnected from this mentally and they need me to lead them back to who we all really are, which is pieces of Mama.

My sisters appear to believe they are pieces of Mama but seem to think I? Am not. That’s adoption. You really fluked up this time. Why’s it always got to be me fixing this shit? all the time?

But, once I make folks aware? Then they see it? Like oh? My bad? Damn right your bad? Cuz I’ve been waiting. I know what it feels like to have a choice taken from me and y’all didn’t even realize you did too. Yep. You didn’t even get a chance to meet me? This piece of Mama got removed. You all love Mama? Right? Does she believe y’all cant love this part of her? it appears so?

Which would mean now that they are abandoning Mama. And that is what I am working to help them see. I need to see them working on this too. Just not me alone. This is still a family that I am a part of. Right now our family is sick in the head. I am so different that they struggle to even see the family resemblance. But. It’s there.

And it’s me handing them their free will tickets back now. With no resistance from Mama. No matter what’s she’s saying. She wants this bad. But she wants it for us all and that a good mama right there. She knows what’s what. We all get to choose each other now and to know why we do so is because of her. That’s. Love.

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