Fun house butterflies. Art.

This is a tea light candle holder. Fun. Looks like a big candle of your across a room. And there’s no mess or drip.

This ones a two by four. Cut into a house shape again. Not as wide as the other one. And stands on its own. Great for a bookcase or somewhere that needs cheering up.

This butterfly piece would brighten up any corner that needs some, encouraging in the hope department. We all needs beautiful art to remind us of what’s real. Dreams do come true.

I gave this candle above to a friend. It really turned out so well. It’s a post. That’s now a tea light candle holder that looks like an elaborate candle indeed. Tea lights last a whole night. And just burn out. They don’t drip or make a mess unless you move them while lot. Which I don’t recommend?

This is a two by six. Cut into the shape of a house. So it can stand on its own on a table or desk?

I used a lot of Tim Holtz supplies. But also mix it up. I love the butterfly ones. I’ll be making more of these and putting them on eBay.

This is part of my therapy. The one thing I never really got was my whole Mama back. Yet. I just don’t give up on someone or something that’s still showing signs of life and maybe needs so attention and miracle grow or something? Suns shine. Maybe some trimming? And good clean consistent water.

With those things. You can grow and regrow anything. Xo

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