This is so insane. But it’s what we got to say.

Like constantly having to remind the kept ones. Hello! Not all of us are kept? Someone else wanted us? All you got was the same old same old? 🤣🤣🤣

You own your labels? Then folks don’t like you owning a label? Make up your minds will you!! Labels? Or no labels? Which is it? Please. 😩

Or should it say? Adapted? Adaptations take work people. It’s not for free like this! Evidently? Adoption is now a business people? These people depend on us. We pay their bills. What will they do without us? As a commodity?

Adoption thought. Poor thing? But adoption thought anyway. That we would adapt to this lifestyle when in fact non of us really did. Some just gave up. I’m probably one of the only ones that see it. It’s quite minute a thing. But I’ve got mine intact. So it’s easy to see it flickering behind enemy lines draw in my peoples minds. Like they tried to draw in mine.

Mamas. Don’t give up that easily. Cuz they’ve got us to now lead the way out of this mad mans land. Back to Eden. Where we all got sent first. And for some dumb reason made up and taught at the church we got sentence to life without her. And folks just need to see our numbers. Now. To show them that fire just won’t go out. It may appear dimmed. Buts it’s just cuz we’ve been looking for Mama so long now. Our lights are actually brighter then we all think. Thinking got us into this.

The way I see it gods got to light up the minds so they will see what this path really brings. I’m so tired of gossip. And here say. This is me an adoptee telling it how it is and was for me.

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