Our children will be different. The adoption affect.

The adopted lifestyle is a different lifestyle then the life style of those who are kept. It appears much the same that’s why folks are so confused. I am one of the alumni of Adoptees that made it, passed suicide, past rehoming, past complete insanity to tell my story. I did not buy into this madness not one inch, except to stand here and watch and feel so I can explain to the world what adoption be doing up in here to those chosen.

My Mama says I am a bad mother. Which means she sees the affect and is trying to blame me. I am pointing her to the proper authority to send her complaint, adoption. If she’s upset how I turned o it then she needs to complain to adoption. Not me. I’m just the product of the experiment. My children. Now products of the extended experiment cuz this has a hang time people.

The adoption affect. Let’s call it that for now. As the therapy community takes a seat to listen to me and mine so they can come up from behind this iron a curtain to really see what an affect looks like. Look at me. I’m not scared. People have been observing the affect on me for years. They just could out there finger on what it was with me?

Well. Sit down. Let me pour that tea and you just take some notes. Cuz I’ve seen the affects my whole life. All I needed were the words to describe it so people could put it all together in their brains cuz my brains see fine. The world is the confused one about us. We know what’s what. But finding words that help others is a job. When you are kept? Well. You just don’t get it so I must find something close enough to describe it so you to can understand what it feels like living this lifestyle.

People try to say, your just like us. And it would be a yes and no answer. Which leave people confused. How can or be yes and no they ask? And then, the foundation work begins of explain such a complex lies affect. It does take a map of what it looks like being kept and then taking away the kept part to even see what I mean.

It’s a mascaraed of sorts. We look like kept

Hold ten. But we are not kept children. And adoption kept us under wraps. Held down. Don’t tell. Why? Because our new parents what us to be their real children and we simpler are not. Our new parts want our lives to be like other kept children but we are not kept children. So. That’s defiantly and issue in the system. Because it’s a lie over a lie. How can anyone adapt in a world surround by lies I ask?

Let’s go back to the children. Mine. Do you even think that my affect did not affect my children? Does anyone really believe that I came out unaffected? And that I did not in turn affect my own children’s view of the world? Just living with me would affect them because adoption affected me. They know by living with a woman they call Mama, that safety is a choice. They were lucky I chose them and yet not. It’s a tongue and check thing. We got kept but Mama didn’t get kept so we now know the affect.

I could have done the same thing to them. But I did not. And in turn exposed them to my affect. Which changed who they would become. It made them sensitive. So they are not even like the kept ones due to me not being kept. Are you keeping up? Can you even keep up with this? I’ll keep trying so your brain can get this. Ok? Here. Take some collagen peptide and aspirin for the head ache.

I’ll write more latter. Go rest and let that just sink in. Adoption has given me quite the view of human nature. And everything I say has a meaning once you see what I see it will all make sense to you. I’m still finding the words to describe it. As the adult adoptee teaching y’all this lesson my Mama sent me to learn.

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