This is a cute little saying to those who are kept

If it somehow makes folks feel better to recite a poem of lies so long they believe it’s the truth.

Here’s what some of my friends thought about that.

Looks so funny like that. Covering peoples names because you do give a shit. And want folks to see what we really think. It’s time.

My friends. Deserve to be heard. Y’all need to listen? Maybe take a moment to take it all in again from another’s perspective? Maybe then? We will all see a lot better. It is a skill.

Evidently. My Mama? Thought I was not listening or paying my attentions to her every move? Think again Mama. My body tells me on you. Like that you’ve been cleaning the last few days? Bleaching to be exact. You have been juicing. Feels like something is lifting. Is this storm now past? What a blast from the past to get you all cleaned out? I do feel a bit lighter? Am I imagining this? Or do I feel better?

And the energy in the house feels better?? Warmer. Clean towels in the dryer. Soups on the stove top and breads in the oven. Someone specials coming. Over. Who is it? Known of our business. That’s as far as you go now dear. Kiss and. Your home. Now go home. I’m

Busy. 💋🤣

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