Of you haven’t noticed?

I am not predictable. or am I? One would have to be alert to tell. I came into a world filled with change and a change on my table at the gate. What do you think I should be? That does not look like a stand still existence I came into? Seems kind of mobile.

So. To all the kept kids? I’m not like you but am like you. Figure that one out. What a riddle my life. I am my parents child just like you, but I got another option you did not. Could be seen as bad? Could be seen as good? Which way do you see it? I see it all.

Who? Told you you could see it all? Who taught you that everything is vibrant? When clearly I have experienced life more like an ebb and a flowing? Of my sister has problems with a cycle them we definitely experienced life differently?

If life constantly changes? Then stable is not a great skill?

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