Like now I am just poking fun until we all can laugh at it?

Just saying? Bearing the dead horse no one wanted to just maybe? Bury? She’s gone now? Who we all thought we were to each other has changed.

Who am I? The intruder to my own family now? The blogger. Who says things that did in fact hit home? But did anyone even watch the game? Did they watch their moves? Or did they watch mine? As a counter move to theirs? Did they see love? Or did love taste like hate. Watched the faces. Taste and taste of my flesh. To test. To see if it was truly me.

Do? I know y’all or what? Can words kill anything but simply tears of a mask we all wore after I went away. We never got lost. Maybe you all needed me to find you? Cuz God wanted you all to know. God loves you? Still. And I’m proof. Their more then you thought you had due. Piled in this body. Love for all y’all.

This sure shocked the hell out of me? And y’all.

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