And don’t even think.

I ain’t talking to my baby girl Chelsie yo in all this mess. She’s as smart as a whip at reading beyond the words said to know when her Mamas peppering the meals with her love for a reason. Because she can. And she knows her daughter will read right through it. Every time.

I began blogging. Throwing up crumbs to the airways when my air baby took flight. Little nourishing bites of loving intentions only my girl can recognize love in all its madness and read it all back to me in her own language and be understood. All of my children have their own language. As their Mama, I am fluent in their language even when they learn new languages.

That’s why I can appear child like. I stay in the flow and work to stay up to date to I keep up with them. I am calling my own Mamas to do the same and maintain the connections. And step the hell up. Side by side. Is that just to silly an idea? And yet that is how it is for me for my whole life. Not one Mama. But two. My children came into the game with more then one Mama and not due to a divorce. That is a plus. A plus plus would be they meet and drink tea so Chelsie can have her dream. A good Mama would keep asking for that for her. She would be all upset looking at her two Mamas acting all crazy? And she would clean everyone clock! Including herself!! To. Make sure. That even her youngest knows. Without a shadow she cast of doubt can stop this love honey. Run as far as you like! Distance. Can’t stop Mamas love.

Did I have you all worried? Or am I just that good at call all the bullshit out or what? So? When’s the tea happening yet? 👏👏

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