Oh. Oprah.

Making me share this with my Mama. Pushing those buttons? So naughty how you keep loading this gun of mine.

Would god send me? If this is god? God? Would you my loving father? Send me into a life, labeled orphan? Called adopted. Would you give me as many gifts I you could so I could thrive? Would you send me with gifts to thrive in hot waters? Armor of god? Did you not make my skin? God? And all my senses? God? Will you please show everyone then please. My gifts are only minutes by what I am willing to believe. Which changes all the time as I believe higher and for more.

Everyone can do this. But adoption did kick me in the ass and get me going sooner then those who are kept. That’s an affect. Or defect. Whichever way you see it. I see it as a valuable affect. What the world, including my family a bit? Yes?, Said was going on with me was not all that was going on inside of me. And now. My family knows what has been going on inside of me. The constant rejection of the facts prolongs our unity from being complete. Mama thought calling me and saying this is closure would do the trick? But no. Full disclosure of the books closes the books. And. The books were off about? My side of the books. Missing from your books. Recounting the steps taken. Who went where went what? Which way now? Is what I am asking all of my family?

Why should I keep going home to harassment? I’ve been wanting tea? And chicken soup for my soul forever? What’s it take to get an order filled around here? Do I need to work? Show me the job? Do I need to clean? Mop? Paint? Pull weeds? Clean gutters? What is the condition of being accepted and received? Don’t ask me why I ask? Ask Mama why she put me in the position that I would even feel I had to be so damn respectful as to wait for y’all to answer my call?

Hello! Your darn right I am pissed off. But not for all the reasons you think? Cuz loves just wasting on the vines of my life cus folks don’t have any manners anymore? Peppered with letters. Handmade. Like a machine gun. Speaking volumes!! Can my Mama even read? Or is she so blinded by her own grief to see love coming at her time and time again and it’s her turn to return the damn favor honey? 😩 hello?

Yeah. A little upset. So what? What you gonna do about it Linda? Huh? You gonna just stand there and bleed? Dying ain’t much of a living girl. Go ahead. Make my day! No gun needed. Just show up and be happy I love you you silly woman!

Act like I don’t know what we both know I am spot on at knowing. Cuz they don’t know our story? Really. We are gonna have to put it together to show them. That’s why. We are a power triple. of love. Damn. I got you pegged good? Stopped you dead in your tracks Mama? Deer in the head lights of love and dumb founded accurate. While in shoot all the demons and thoughts off like flies on moldy cheese that’s stuck in your hair while you run around praying and waving your hands in the air and scream! Shoot it! Sorry for screaming. It was my ocd acting up again. No. I am not anxious. I am energetic.

No. My daughter does jot make me weak in my knees? No. I’m not scared shitless. I’ve got nothing to hide. No! Don’t share that! Ugh. Lord this is not funny. At all. Nope. But I’m making it funny right now. Laugh at yourself you love stuck fool Mama! You love me. And it’s made ya crazy about me. Own it. Don’t hide our crazy love no more. Cuz for us this is normal. After adoption took affect. This became our new normal Mama. It’s time we live as we are. Lovers of each other under this dumb cover called adoption. 💋🙀💃

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