My Mamas wild eyes. Only blue.

Made my brown eyes blue to be adopted away evidently because hers are brown? 🤣 my Ddays eyes where blue already. But Mama didn’t notice daddy had had his losses. Now she’s trying to call my eyes crazy and they are just like hers except blue like his. God is a joker. Making a joke out of me and my family.

She looked at me like that one time when I went to see her? 🤣🤣 she looked like her mind was saying I was gonna a kill her because she did call the police? Poor thing? Being shocked by the price of herself she gave away like that?

These eyes are blue for a reason other then to scare you dear. They are true blue. Not shoe brown so I can see my way clearly to guide you now. The lady with so many pairs of glasses must have a seeing problem seeing her lovely self in me.

So I imagine that’s why god gave me blue eyes like my father. So I could see through eyes like his. Clearly. Cus this blame game did need a referee. Me. This child between two wild cats who came together and inadvertently? Made me? So splendid.

And them a quick exit to stage left as ordered by my own Mama toot sweet! She did not want to mess up something so unique. She wanted to share me and spread me around like some Trollope. Only to find out there wasn’t a price high enough to buy my love for her in the end. She tested love. And used me to do it. She tested her own love for herself and lost her own game.

58 years old now and I love her all the same. Call me crazy for loving my own Mama. I don’t care. Can’t you tell? And mama thinks I just started talking about this on my blog? No. I told everyone I know what I think about this adoption business way before now. Now I get to do it and not be stopped. As I exercise the hell out of my freedom of speech that was stopped so long ago.

At some point it was bound to come out.

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