Mama said No.

Mama said no in so many ways.

Don’t go this way. Stay safe.

Her eyes pleading with me. Why? Go this way?

It’s not safe. No one will believe you.

I kissed her on the forehead. As if to tell her. I’m

Not Jesus Mama. They won’t kill his sister. Or his brother now. We are an army of our Mamas children now. Can’t stop this. You better keep praying at that table a Mama. Cuz Charma’s calling and the worlds gonna listen.

I made it home. Home base is safe in baseball. And in life. I can say what I want now that I made it home and am safe. And now my Mama can feel safe too, when I choose to come knock on your door? And find her in her robe? Dragging my son in tow. Cuz I know you wanted to see him. There. There he is.

Oh! Victoria has popped in unannounced too? But my she is fowl mouthed? Kind of like Hiley who ate the chocolate pie? Better go watch The Help

Honey if you want to keep up with this sister. I read everything. Not just books.

There is a nigger in Mamas wood pile and it’s white! Yes! That’s a horrible thing to say? Your welcome that’s what I got to hear growing up! Don’t like it? Tell my Mama. She sent me to listen to things like that? You thought you were on the wrong side of the tracks honey? That’s funny. Oh Lordy. A boot leggers son married the masons daughter! Oh my! What a mixer party? Add my parents at the time and you’ve really got a party? Supplies for the bartender and the cocktail waitress to serve the new guest parents! 🤣💃😩 Oh yeah! That’s way better honey. So left brained thinking of you. 🙀

I was all wrong in my right world? I was the weirdo? The mis take was me being taken away at all. That my Mama

Hatched this idea? Was crazy. Who was the link tic in power that I needed to be hidden from? Her? My Dad? Who? Was trying to kill them then? Adoption is the Moses complex all over so who’s killing who now? Who do we Moses need to stop now? Our parent’s? or is it a mind track? Mindset. Mindfuck from hell that got this all started? All cuz someone didn’t know how to fight with words? I do believe Moses said words while he throw sticks down did he not? Did those words come true or not? Who told Moses to speak? Is anyone a real Christian out here?

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