Listening this video kind of describes denial.

Feeling controlled. And controlling. And that is the life of an adoptee. Who’s life is now feeling not their own anymore. because for me at least. My own life would always have gladly gone home. At any point. Hand down. Yes. Thank you for your hospitality. But I’d like to go

Home now. This is so nice of you to do for me. But I still would like my family back. Thank you so much for teaching me all you’ve taught me. Yes I will share it all with her. She’s just gonna love it all.

Has my Mama even ever made me a birthday cake? If she can’t celebrate my birthday why should I? What’s to celebrate? Another loss of a good thing. Yippee! Yahoo. No. That’s dumb and yet that’s what’s going on. Why? Hell? Ask my Mama why she’s not responding? Well?

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