I am saying this.

This video speaks of a connection to those who have died. I am speaking about a connection to someone, my Mama, who I have always been connected to on the level of her as my Angel. And I called her by name. Mama. And she helped bring the answers. And that this connection deserves to be celebrated and accepted. Cuz it’s what folks call a miracle.

My Mama may have been dead to me in the physical world. But she’s always been alive and well with me inside of me is the knowing of her always. Where I go. She goes. Whether people want to celebrate that or not? I celebrate that. Whether Mama appears to celebrate that in the physical world or in her secret world with me? Mothers. Never forget about their children. They may appear to pretend to be busy. But they are just working it out with god.

If my god is her god because god is the god of all? Then who’s between us now? If not god? Cleaning us both us to factory standards and I’m just the blabber mouth God is using to show Mama? And the world. How it’s done. Right. And not left. Left is this. And right is that. This is what you get when you do this or that. Because I am living proof that refutes adoptions practices. If y’all say I’m crazy. Your telling me you don’t like the affect?! I’m telling you exactly what causes the affect. Do you think I am so unaware of my own bodies responses? There is not an idiot at this helm. No.

I will say that Gods got me locked and loaded with plenty of bullets to shoot anything down. I’m

Backed up like Fort Knox of the mind body spirit. A total god take over. This body and mind surrendered a long time ago. My Ego. Works for god. You think I am playing? We call it playing. I call it obedience. To the spirit of god within me. I accept that as a fact. Cuz when the spirit of god leaves this body I will still be. With all the memories of this life Intacted in a frequency called Stephanie Anne Brumley Belinda Jean Fowler, Ramey, Gayheart, Arnold. Everyone’s got their own frequency. My Mama has a frequency. Yeah. We’re going deep now.

And now? You don’t even want to hear the tale in the throne room called earth told back to you all by us? So sad? You didn’t have fun? The sacrifice of our lives was not enough to Quench your thirst for blood? While people sacrificed babies like crazy rabbits gone crazy? Babylon again all over. Worshiping? The god of fertility. Sacrifice babies to have fertility? Who is the giver of life and the taker of life?? Oh? It just happened yet everyone scared of it? Great. That’s intelligent?

We the adopted ones will be the ones who cross the line to home leaving no one behind again. It’s Moses that’s breaking himself free now time trillions. And y’all gonna have to deal with your own weird beliefs that ain’t lines up with gods natural law. Denial is just part of this sick game god did not invent and folks think that they see at all? Moses people needed to revolt? Instead the king was killing babies cuz he knew the Israelites where not happy? But they could ask for more. Sick. Twisted. Game.

People actually believe god isn’t real? Those souls are lost. Who better to testify then a child labeled abandoned to tell the world about God and your Mama. For me. One and the same. How can I? It’s just how I see it. And you might want to pay attention. This body is unique. There’s no one like me. That gives me a niche to peer from and who I am. The niche. But there are more of me around. Nichings. The marginalized ones. Peering at those who appear to walk free? The held ones in the cleft of Gods rock. Bosom. Chest. Close. While we watched a world gone mad. Watching people Parading around and show us how it’s done.

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