See? I’m not alone.

I’ve just appeared alone. Here at this psyche cafe in the sky blabbing about god knows what. While my brothers and sisters rehearse their lines.

The tales they tell. I’ve heard them. But you haven’t have you? But. You will. I’ll post them here. We’ve had to deal long enough. So now we are dealing these stories to all of you. Let’s see how you like the outcome?

As silent as my own Mamas are I imagine, this ones gonna hurt a little as we pull it all out. Because we are very aware. Adoption snapped us all to pay attention. Loose your Mama. Loose you unit. Find you way back. We are trillions of the one who somehow strayed from the flock and y’all be tripping? Like it’s ok?

We are not children anymore. And we know our rights. Our birthrights. We’ve watch the kept ones ungratefully have what has been denied us our whole lives. We will have what’s ours. Mark my words. It will happen. So get ready is all I am saying. Clean up your minds about us. Heal that wound. And kill the fatted calf cuz these prodigals are going home, because home is where we came from and home is where everyone goes. It’s ludicrous that we get denied? And everyone acts like it’s a level up and them call us crazy for wanting what everyone has?

It’s like talking to a world of mad men? That’s don’t see the nose on their own face and can’t see yours? Or tell someone they are in fact naked and they tell you they are clothed? We are our partners children and that means we are naturally going to pull towards them despite being moved.

Try it yourself? Pull away from your own family? Then watch. I’ve seen kept children do this. And them they go home. Like a yo-yo. It’s part of the genetic make up. And in adoption people don’t realize how far the stretch is for the child and Mothers and family on that one fact adoption seemed to miss? It changes us. And it’s now changed trillions. So the affects are well worn around here. And if. We as a whole see that this affect is flawed, if you feel I am now a flaw? Or my brothers and sisters are now flaws for dealing with this flaw?

Well? The world is quite on its ear now isn’t it?

This is what denial does to a child who grows up denied the basics. Deal with it. Or change it. Because my people are getting ready to unleash their truths. The world started this and the world can’t stop this change.

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